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written by Meg Archambault – Remien

There are often words that are left unsaid. It is important to be mindful that our words are carefully chosen straying from the unnecessary chatter. However, there are many statements that even the wise forget to share with the world.

Below is a small simple list to remind us of the words that matter.

1. Thank you: Take the time to express gratitude, even for the smallest of gifts.

2. Excuse Me: This one goes a long way, especially when you hit someone with your purse on accident.

3. I Forgive You: It isn’t always implied. Say it just in case.

4. Please: It’s just good manners!

5. I Don’t Know: This is something smart people say. Cop to it!

6. Good Job: We all love to hear it, so why not say it too?

7. Nothing: Silence is golden. Many times it’s more powerful than any words we can muster.

8. I’m Sorry: Say it loud. Say it proud. This is a phrase that cannot be said often enough, but only if you really mean it.

9. I Appreciate You: Let the people closest to you know that you recognize their hard work and that you value it.

10. Let’s Go!: Get out and DO more. Trying new things spontaneously expands your mind and spirit.

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10 Things We Need to Say More Frequently
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