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Written by Phong Dao

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We all have dreams and goals. On our good days, we are inspired to create change, art, or new lifestyles. From dieting to saving the world, our aspirations give us direction and hope for a different way of life. We may want to buy a new home or get better grades. We set goals and start projects, but many of us falter. Some can’t even start. Others can’t finish.

You would think that having a set “goal” would be enough for most people. After all having a goal gives us something to strive towards. But yet having a goal is not enough for most people. From the different fears we carry to life stress, our inspired intentions often fall to the wayside.

We often delay and procrastinate until either we give up or move on. The loss of focus often pushes us to change directions.

To prevent the slide in motivation and achieve your goals, try these simple tips for maintaining your motivation.

1. Commit

Committing is no easy task. If you say you want it, then go do it. Action towards your dreams, passions, or wants will take you farther than just dreaming about it. Manifestation is not sitting idle at home wishing something will happen.

If you want to achieve, you must work towards your goal. In your spirit, you must know that you are committed towards making it happen. Don’t allow yourself to falter. Commit to your aspirations as you commit to relationships or children. (Note: this only applies to those who actually commit to love)

Once you decide and know you will achieve your goal, you will not allow anything to hold you back. Have a knowing and live towards this knowing. If every bit of your spirit wants to buy a new house, then every action you make must be in accordance to this.

Saving money and raising your credit is of most importance. If you want a house, but yet spend money recklessly, you are probably not committed.

If you want to change the world for the better, but yet hurt people every day, your actions do not parallel with your intentions. Planning your steps is part of commitment. Changes in steps or committed goals are not causes for self deprecation. Life has a way of changing course. That is ok. Commitment to self love is most important.

However, commitment will keep your motivation in check. You made the choice to pursue your goal. So commit to it with every life choice.

2. Visualize and Feel

See your success. If you want to be more fit, see yourself building muscle mass and power. If you want to lose weight, imagine yourself at your healthy desired weight. The more you are able to “see” your success, the more likely success will follow.

Many people use “vision boards” to remind them what they want and to stay motivated in achieving those items. A vision board is usually made of poster board with picture clippings and choice key words that represent the goals one wants to achieve. Some put images of potential love and relationships, dream homes, dream cars, perfect college, vacations and other such goals.

Feeling is an important sensation in motivation. Mirroring the Law of Attraction, we must feel what we want. More than just “seeing” our achievements, allow yourself to “feel” what it would be like to drive your dream car.

What would it feel like to be in a loving relationship? What would it feel like to change someone’s life for the better. By allowing yourself to feel this potential success, committing to your goals will create a deep, cellular, organic process.

“Feel” more fit and powerful, and your actions will continue to push you into that direction. These tactics of visualization and feeling will also help you endure the rough moments where obstacles and challenges come your way. By seeing and feeling your success, you will know the the current situation is indeed temporary as you are on your way to achieving your goals.

3. Set Baby Goals and Reward Yourself for These Wins

We all want results and quickly. However certain goals are not likely to happen overnight. They ake a series of steps and smaller goals to achieve the greater good. If you set smaller tasks and goals of achievement that are easier and achievable, your sense of gratification will be fostered.

The more you are able to achieve smaller goals and increase your feelings of gratification, the more likely you will be able to stay motivated.

Small steps are needed to get to your end destination. If you want to become more fit and lose weight, take pictures and journal your progress. When you lose a few pounds along the way, embrace your effort and reward yourself. This doesn’t mean eat the biggest sundae you can find. That will be detrimental to your overall goal of losing weight.

However, if you are mindful, a reward for your efforts shall keep you motivated and consistent in your efforts.

If you are concerned with better grades, know that straight A’s will be a dramatic shift from all C’s. Training your brain for better grades takes time. Appreciate and embrace your efforts as your grades improve. Sooner or later, if focused and motivated you will get your A’s.

The process of achieving goals is fun, exciting, and very gratifying. Treat your journey as such.

4. Find Inspiring Mojo

We all need inspiration at times. Some find it in movies and songs. Some find in historical quotes and literature. Religion and spiritual writings have proven to be great in inspiring mojo.

Find others who are doing what you want to do. Talk to others who have what you want to have. How did they do it? How are they living how you want to live. When speaking to these people, be mindful to not be discouraged. Their journey towards success may be a completely different path for you. You have your own road towards success. However, by learning from others, you shall be able to have a better understanding of what it may take for you to achieve your goal.

Just knowing that a goal is possible will keep you motivated. Often, we become discouraged because we feel that our goals or dreams are too outlandish or unrealistic. Just finding one person that has done what you want to do will motivate you.

If you can’t find even one, inspire yourself to be the first. Work on your own spirit. Face your fears and allow them to serve you, not destroy you. You can achieve anything if you believe it so.

5. Get Help

The worthy goals never seem to come easy. Sometimes we fade in and out, feeling inspired and motivated at one moment to depressed and lazy the next. Find someone who loves you to keep you on path. This doesn’t mean that person will needle and judge you. This will create an opposite affect for motivation.

Having a writing partner to help you finish that script is a great idea. Motivate each other to fight for your dreams. If you are lucky enough to find such an ally, your path towards success will be a bit easier.

Consult with mentors and experts to give you sound advice. Ask professionals to help you develop and good plan for execution. Be humble enough to accept the help you may need. We all could use a hand to take our first steps so that we become more at ease or comfortable. Perhaps there is something outside your realm of ability or expertise. Seek out others to fill this niche in your goal achievement.

With their help, your end goal may be closer in reach.

After all with some motivation, anything is possible. So what do you want to be possible?

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