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About Us

“I invite you to take this opportunity. It will change your life. Be Brave.”


Ross Remien


The Power to Create Yourself

Recovery is more than just getting sober. We work with each and every client to address their unique needs and build a life that they are proud of. Rebos helps clients do more than just achieve sobriety. We help our clients establish the foundation to create a new life in recovery.

Treatment Tailored for You

Every person is unique, and so is every road to recovery. That’s why we offer an unprecedented way of structuring the rehabilitation process: every client can create a custom program to fit their specific needs. By allowing each client to handpick their comprehensive treatment from our menu of options, they become partners and co-creators of their own plan for recovery.

Recovery From Within

We believe that recovery begins from within. Past experiences, people, environments, mental illnesses, and many other factors can contribute to the desire to use drugs or alcohol. By discovering and externalizing the root causes of our clients’ addictive behaviors, they can learn and grow from them, and gain the ability to control cravings in the future.

The Ross Remien Story

To treat addiction effectively, you must first understand it. Ross Remien (Founder and CEO) experienced firsthand the difficulties of achieving a successful rehabilitation after struggling with addiction for sixteen years. When he was able to accept that he needed help, he was admitted into multiple treatment programs that led to his eventual recovery.

But during his time in treatment, Ross knew there had to be a better way to treat addiction. He created Rebos to provide the individualized support and strong foundation required to create a happier life for people in recovery. His knowledge and experience from the perspective of both the addict and the therapist have helped him develop treatment plans that work for our clients.

Let’s Create a Recovery Program for You!