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Primary Therapist


Eric Durrschmidt MA, MFT is a licensed Marriage Family Therapist (license #45561) and works together with clients and families suffering from the effects of addiction. He received a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University in Los Angeles, and a BA in Psychology from St Anselm College in New Hampshire. Eric worked at the Los Angeles Free Clinic and been a member of the Los Angeles Mental Health and recovery community for over 15 years.

Eric believes that addiction is a symptom of deeper conflicts and unresolved issues that reflect a story that is told about someone which is no longer valid or desired in that person’s life. Substance use and compulsivity are seen as a way to protest a life in need of change. He believes that the work that is done in recovery is very much about reauthoring one’s life, and learning to live a preferred way of being in which addictive thinking and compulsive behaviors are put aside as ineffective ways of addressing and managing uncomfortable feelings and life circumstances.