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Written by James Jordan

The illumination of course design. The rise of sun or smell of morning dew. A game revolved around everlasting friendships and moments of joy… Resilience. Laughs.. Smiles…

Golf, is a Spiritual Journey among individuals who enjoy a sport and speaking on their voyage of life. There’s a sense of peace, gentility and excitement for those who wander a golf course. Nothing in harms way. If anything, many lonely souls, individuals in recovery and friendships are developed through the game of golf. There’s been occasions where one travels to another state and or country, and establishes friendship from a pairing on the first tee. A great game. An even better journey and friendship maker to say the least.

Introduced to the game (30 years ago) I’ve continued to play, share, teach and inspire others to become engaged in a game for a lifetime. All types of personalities can be found and met in the world of Golf. People in Recovery, Businessmen, Musicians, Actors, Blue Collar Folks… The list goes on. There’s no wrong or right golfer. Just human spirits looking to make friendships while playing a sport in a spiritual surrounding.

There’s challenge, friendships, exercise, and you can really enjoy your own company at times. There’s a sense of otherworldliness when alone on a course during the evening hours. If you ever have the chance to simply walk a course and watch a sun set, you will feel a tranquility different than most moments. It really is a spiritual experience. One can meditate, sit and focus on the surroundings or simply just walk along the grassy path. There’s nothing quite like it.

If the occasion comes up (you’re invited to play, walk a course or simply ride along) accept the opportunity. It may be one of the healthiest hobbies for your mind, body and soul… Millions on a global level would agree. Just another way to heighten and balance your spirituality.

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An Activity for a Lifetime (Golf and Its Spiritual Journey)
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