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At Rebos, there is no such thing as one specific recovery program. Every addiction recovery program is client-centered and individualized, which means that it’s created to be unique. With separate outpatient and sober living programs, we help our clients determine the right level of treatment for their circumstances. Our clients are partners and co-creators with Rebos in their plan for recovery.

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Ross has helped me regain control of my life. For years I was living in a personal hell. I looked for help all over. His process was so easy and he helped me realize that all the answers that I was looking for, were right under my nose. For years I kept looking for my solutions to my problems in all the wrong areas. Ross helped me overcome my demons and now I wake up everyday feeling mentally lighter and happier. Thank you Ross for all your help.

Lisa 2012

I started seeing Ross weekly after my three month stay at treatment. He immediately helped me feel comfortable with my transition back into everyday life. I needed to feel so comfortable with someone that I could tell them anything and Ross has made me feel that way from day one. He compliments me when I’m doing well and calls me out if I get off track. I am extremely grateful that I found Ross to help me continue on my journey to becoming a better and more rounded person. Bottom line is, Ross rules!

Tony, 2012