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A sober living community in Los Angeles can help close the gap between the close monitoring of a formal treatment center and the freedom of independent living. Sober living communities in Los Angeles offer a good alternative for many individuals, with a supportive environment that understands the issues of addiction and recovery.

Understanding Sober Living

The sober living concept began as an expansion of halfway houses for individuals recovering from addiction. These houses provided residential quarters for patients who had completed treatment programs but who were not ready to take on the responsibilities and stresses of living completely on their own.

However, halfway houses were often subject to funding shortfalls when government programs were cut. Sober living houses expanded on the idea of living in a community environment with other people who were rebuilding their lives after addiction. Fellow residents were available to help with support and advice. They could also hold other residents accountable when relapses or other problems occurred. Sober living facilities are based on a number of general concepts:1

Individuals have either gone through an addiction treatment program or are attending an outpatient program and are ready to begin the work of rebuilding their lives in sobriety.

  • Individuals must be employed and must contribute to the financial support of the facility.
  • Individuals must remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol.
  • Individuals are strongly encouraged to attend 12-step meetings or other types of counseling as needed.
  • Individuals must abide by facility rules, such as curfew restrictions, chores to maintain the facility and attendance at facility meetings to work out problems.
  • Individuals can stay as long as they like.
  • How Sober Living Can Aid Success in Recovery.

Studies indicate that sober living facilities can help individuals recovering from addiction in a number of ways:

  • The rules of the facility require that individuals abstain from drugs and alcohol, so they are less likely to fall into relapse.
  • The facility offers a community of people who understand the problems of addiction and recovery.
  • The facility encourages attendance at 12-step meetings or other support services to maintain sobriety.
  • The facility demands accountability from residents, by people who know the signs of relapse back into substance use.
  • Residents tend to succeed at gaining employment because it is a requirement of living at the facility.

Finding a Sober Living Community in Los Angeles

The sober living community in Los Angeles has a long history within the city. Centers have been available for recovering patients since the 1960s.2 Today, individuals recovering from drug or alcohol addiction are fortunate in that there are many different types of sober living facilities in the Los Angeles area.

These centers range from halfway houses with a communal aspect to separate apartments that offer a full measure of independent living, but also with a supportive group of fellow residents who are also working on recovery. Facilities can be found to suit every level of social strata, from simple group living homes to upscale apartments.

If you have completed a professional addiction program and need a living arrangement that helps to support your recovery efforts, consult with your treatment counselor about finding a sober living facility in your area.

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Finding a Sober Living Community in Los Angeles
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