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Staying sober and maintaining recovery takes effort, especially during the first six months of sobriety. How do you motivate yourself to keep the recovery moving forward? Try these simple and easy ways for preserving your newfound sobriety.

1. Keep Your Spirits Up

Keep your spirits up and stay motivated by tracking your progress, rewarding yourself when you reach goals and cultivating inspiration.

Check in with yourself weekly: Do a weekly check-in with yourself. Use the time to make a list of goals you want to reach. Each week, check your progress on reaching those goals. When you see you’re on track or possibly exceeding your goals, you’ll be motivated and happy that you’re accomplishing what you’ve planned. If there are any lags, a check-in may be the incentive you need to get back on track.

Reward yourself for reaching milestones: When you check in with yourself and have reached a goal you set out to accomplish, be sure to reward yourself for a job well done.1 By anticipating a reward and enjoying it once you’ve earned it, you’ll have more motivation to stay on the sober track.

Read inspirational books and watch uplifting movies: Inspirational books on the good things in life and how to get or accomplish them can help inspire you to stay sober. Movies with positive messages can boost your sense of optimism. If money is an issue, visit libraries, or used bookstores where you can find hidden gems at inexpensive prices. A streaming video subscription service provides easy access to many inspiring movies.

2. Follow a Recovery Routine for the First Six Months of Sobriety

Keeping regular schedules for exercising, chores, meetings, and counseling also help you to stay sober.

Follow a regular exercise routine: Regular workouts help keep the endorphins pumping naturally. You’ll elevate your mood, and you’ll also benefit from better fitness from exercising regularly.2

Attend recovery meetings faithfully: There’s a well-known mantra in addiction recovery for those newly sober: attend 90 meetings in 90 days. Stick to it, and be sure to go to recovery meetings regularly. Meetings are a rich source of support where peers who’ve experienced addiction help one another. Since your group knows what it’s like to be newly sober, tips and advice gained from their own experiences may prove invaluable.

3. Communicate and Help Others

Keep in touch with your sponsor or aftercare counselor: Your sobriety has to be the first priority in your life. Without it, you won’t be in shape to accomplish much else. Keeping in touch with your sponsor or counselor, even when life is going well, helps you stay grounded in sobriety. You can bask in your accomplishments, or you could discuss any difficulties you may be having.

Pay It Forward: Stay focused while you’re enjoying your newly sober life. After the first six months of sobriety, when you have a firmer foundation in recovery, you’ll be the experienced one welcoming newcomers. Invite them into your life by sharing your tips. Your sobriety will be living proof your advice works.

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First Six Months of Sobriety: How to Stay on Track
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