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by Meg Archambault–Remien

Mentors are one of the most useful tools in any area of life; career, sobriety, health, school, spirituality, relationships. Here are some useful tips on how to establish and nurture that relationship so that it is successful.

Mentor Relationship Tips

1) Set up a regular meeting time: A good mentor is probably very busy. By setting up a regular standing appointment you can minimize scheduling conflicts. Make sure to show up on time to all arranged meetings.

2) Bring an itinerary: Each meeting should be purposeful. In order to make the most of your time bring a list of issues, concerns or questions to the meeting so that there is no wasted time. This also brings a sense of direction for your mentor who may not know exactly what issues are most important to you. It also shows that you are focused and dedicated to your cause. Remember to have realistic expectations from your mentor on what can be accomplished each session.

3) Bring the Gratitude!: Expressing appreciation is an exercise in humanity. If your mentor feels that you are truly grateful for their help they may be more inclined to put a bit of extra elbow grease into your long-term goals. It’s also just the right thing to do. Small tokens of thankfulness are great but it’s also excellent to hear “thank you” regularly. Plus, that’s free!

A strong mentor/mentee relationship can make a vast difference in achieving lifelong goals. Make sure you are getting the most out of these and all relationships by practicing planning and active listening.

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How to Build a Meaningful Mentor Relationship
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