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Addiction among adolescents is on the increase, and the effects on their parents can be devastating. Very few parents will find it easy to admit their child is addicted. However, the earlier parents seek professional help, the better.

Having someone who suffers from addiction in the home can be terribly disruptive for other family members, with frequent arguments flaring up between them. Most parents are understandably reluctant to throw their child out of the house. Unfortunately, in most cases parents end up enabling their child’s substance abuse.

With professional help, it is possible to give your son or daughter the kind of support they need without enabling them. Parents must realize that it is up to the individual to accept that they need treatment. Having frequent conflicts with your child is unlikely to achieve anything worthwhile. Having positive interactions can help to motivate your child to agree to seek help.

Rehab Treatment

Addiction rehab therapy has proved to be the most beneficial way for people with addictions to get back to a healthy lifestyle. There are rehab facilities dedicated to the treatment of adolescents, while other facilities may have adolescent therapy groups.

Rehab can be done on an outpatient or inpatient basis. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of rehab. Inpatient rehab means the person with addiction will have to stop attending school or work for the duration of the program. Additionally, inpatient rehab can be expensive. Attending outpatient rehab can allow a person to continue at work or school, and the costs are lower than inpatient rehab. Clients can return home after each treatment session. However, outpatients may be more likely to give in to cravings to relapse when they are not in a controlled environment.

Family Therapy When Your Child Is Addicted

Most adolescent rehab programs offer family therapy, and that can be one of the clearest ways to show people with addiction that their families care for them and want to support them.1 During family therapy sessions, all members of the home with a person learn healthier ways to communicate and interact. One of the biggest benefits of family therapy is that it teaches people how to resolve issues in peaceful, positive and constructive ways.

What Happens If My Child Relapses?

It can be dreadful for parents when this happens. It can seem as if all the efforts to help the child recover have been in vain. However, addiction specialists do not view relapse as a failure.2 Instead, it is an opportunity to further explore the triggers that motivate people to take \ and an opportunity to return to treatment and give people with addictions more weapons in their fight to get better.

Parents must continue to be supportive to children who relapse, and they should try to motivate children to enter another rehab program as soon as possible. When a child is addicted, it may take several rehab treatments before a child stays sober, but each treatment is making them more resistant to relapse urges.

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My Child is Addicted: How Do I Help?
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