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What is Chemical Dependency Therapy?

Chemical dependency, or substance abuse, can create permanent changes in the biology of the brain and potentially cause long-term issues. Chemical dependency therapy addresses addiction head on, educates you on its effects on your body and life, and helps you build up the skills to take control of it.

When Should I Consider it?

If you are struggling with chemical dependency, arming yourself with knowledge will help you build up a foundation on which to build your new life. If you are unsure whether or not you’re suffering from addiction, there are several signs to look for.

Some Symptoms of Addiction Include:

  • Increased cravings
  • Failed attempts to stop using
  • Frequent use
  • Purchasing the drug when it is not affordable
  • A constant search for time to take the drug

Available Treatments

We offer educational and relapse prevention programs to ensure you understand what you’re dealing with and know how to cope with tempting circumstances.


Chemical abuse education is designed to help you recognize the symptoms of a dependency and teach you how best handle it.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention builds awareness surrounding the prevalence of relapses, how to prevent them, and how to cope if one occurs.

Group Sessions

  • Soulfully Awake
    Add a spiritual foundation and learn to redirect negative thoughts by outlining the good.
  • Rewired
    Rewire your life and brain by implementing healthier habits and thoughts for sober living.
  • Spiritual Connectedness
    Join in on conversations and share personal accounts in this lecture-style presentation.
  • Trust and Relationships
    Learn how to trust others by exploring relationships and building up a strong support system.

Let’s Create a Recovery Program for You!