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What is a Process Group?

A process group consist of a group of individuals that are all going through similar trials. Together, with a group facilitator, you are able to talk openly to one another about your behaviors, urges, and triggers in a very relaxed and safe environment.

By engaging with one another, you will hopefully gain wider perspectives about the ways you relate to your inner world and understand how this becomes reflected in your relationships with others.

What Does a Successful Group Look Like?

The life of a process group from the beginning to the end parallels different developmental stages of growth and maturity. As a group moves forward through its natural stages, the members and the group are assisted with guided feedback and process comments from the facilitator and/or co-facilitator. As a result, the group inherently joins together with an abundance of experiences, forming a bond and community with its own unique culture and identity.

Available Groups

At Rebos, there are many different groups available to you to help you grow, learn, and manage your life.

Our Relapse Prevention Groups Include:

  • Emotional Sobriety 
    Learn how to talk about your feelings and be able to share them without traumatizing yourself.
  • Spiritual Awareness 
    Increase your spiritual awareness with open, honest, and engaged conversations.
  • Dopamine and Addiction 
    Learn about how dopamine and other areas of the brain relate to addiction.
  • CBT, Choice and Cravings
    Enhance your awareness of common recovery symptoms, addictive neurochemistry, and cognitive distortions.
  • 12 Smart/Stupid Things
    Learn how to maintain your inner peace throughout your recovery journey.
  • Shame No More 
    Gain insight into shame and its origins, self-compassion, and empathy for others.
  • The Addict Mind 
    Learn about the problems with sober living and how to navigate through them.

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