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What is Spiritual Counseling?

Many find recovery to be much easier and more enlightening when their spirit is healthy, as they have a strong foundation to build off of. Spiritual counseling is used to help you strengthen and solidify your spirituality. During individual or group therapy sessions, it helps you to find yourself and begin healing your mind and body.

What is Spirituality?

The word “spirit” comes from the Latin word spiritus and is related to the verb spirare, which means “to breathe.” So, if we use the word spirit in its literal sense, it essentially refers to the very essence of what it means to be alive. Our breath is a link between our mind, body, and emotions and connects us to everyone around us. To get in touch with your spirituality is to understand yourself and connect to the world around you on a real, deep level.

What Are the Benefits?

Almost every addiction stems from past trauma, stress, emotions, or peer pressure. Finding your inner spirituality and connecting to yourself and those around you in a new, vibrant way will help you pinpoint the root cause of your addiction and treat it at the source. If you treat the physical aspect of addiction but not the mental, then relapse is significantly more likely to occur.

What if I’m Not Religious?

Spirituality is not the same as religion. Religion will likely include some sort of spirituality, but spirituality can exist without the presence of religion. It is an introspective look into who you are and how the world works, it is not based around the existence of a deity (although it could, if you want it to). Basically, spirituality is what you make and need it to be, religious or not.

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