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by Meg A. Remien

“To serve is beautiful, but only if it is done with joy and a whole heart and a free mind.” Pearl S. Buck

Volunteering can have a significant impact on your community at large but also on your self-esteem. While there are many benefits to working a 9 to 5 and taking home a paycheck, volunteering may open different doors.

  • Giving Back: The variety of opportunities to volunteer in your community is probably much greater than you would expect. From building homes to fundraising for local non-profits you can help those who need it most in many ways.
  • Learning: Your pencil-pushing job does not require swinging a hammer. Learning some new life skills can help at work, at home or with everyday talents. You may also need to plan, budget, cook, paint, supervise or serve. The possibilities are truly endless.
  • Community: Meeting people with similar interests is great. Meeting people that you have nothing in common with can be even better. Volunteering is an opportunity to expand horizons and social networks while giving back.
  • Boost Your Resume: Volunteer work looks great on a resume. It shows potential employers that you are more than just a good employee; you’re also a diverse and genuine individual who is interested in making a difference.
  • Become a Leader: Whether you know it or not people are paying attention to you and how you spend your time. Inspire others to contribute alongside you while you volunteer.
  • Increase Self-Confidence: Being a do-gooder is also a terrific way to create a natural sense of accomplishment, pride and identity. Go ahead – pat yourself on the back.

If you’re having trouble getting started with options, here are a few to jumpstart your search:


Now get going!

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The Significant Impact of Volunteering
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