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You-Centered Therapy

Because the programs we offer are unique and individualized based on the needs of the client, it’s no surprise that the therapies for addiction treatment Rebos offers are equally diverse and personalized. While determining a client’s program, we conduct a thorough assessment to determine which therapies our client needs and which ones they don’t.

Our Therapies for Addiction Treatment

Psychotherapy: building a one-on-one dialogue with a therapist to talk through feelings, anxiety and problems.

Psychiatry: helping clients cope with emotional and behavioral issues by understanding how medication can help improve brain and body function.

Chemical Dependency Therapy: education about the physical and mental effects of addiction while providing tools to cope with the disease long-term.

Process Groups: talking openly with a group in a safe environment about the shared struggles and temptations of recovery.

Case Management: matching each client with an experienced, knowledgeable Rebos staff member for encouragement and support on an individual basis.

Anxiety Therapy: learning to manage and control emotions, thoughts and worries through a variety of specialized therapies.

Trauma Therapy: developing coping mechanisms to deal with emotions and memories from your past.

Eating Disorder Therapy: healing from the mental and physical effects of eating disorders and working to create healthy life habits.

Depression Therapy: taking control of emotions, thoughts and actions to create healthy, positive thought patterns.

Adventure Therapy: using nature and recreational activities to learn important life skills like leadership, communication and self-confidence.

Spiritual Therapy: strengthening a sense of self and facilitating the healing process for the mind and body through spirituality.

Biofeedback Therapy: learning to relax by mentally controlling the body’s involuntary processes like heart rate, temperature and blood pressure.

Let’s Create a Recovery Program for You!