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Many people who suffer from addiction have very real concerns about what to expect in recovery. They struggle to visualize a life without taking drugs or alcohol and worry about how they will occupy themselves each day. Many also feel guilt and shame about their addiction, and the thought of admitting their addiction to others can be distressing. They may also be fearful that they will not have the mental or physical strength to keep themselves sober.


If you have a substance abuse disorder, the best way to overcome this condition is to enter a rehab treatment program.1 Such programs help people get clean and stay sober. They will also introduce you to other people who face problems similar to yours. Beginning treatment with peers is a great way to understand that you are not alone.

Many experts refer to recovery as the time after finishing a formal rehab treatment program. However, many of the things you will do in recovery begin during the rehab treatment. Rehab treatment is essentially the foundation upon which recovery is built. During rehab treatment, you will learn about the various ways you can fight your addiction, as well as what to expect in recovery as a unique person.

It is ultimately up to each individual who suffers from an addiction to manage their control of the addiction. Rehab centers and recovery programs are there to assist people with addiction to get clean and sober and stay that way. Addiction therapists can offer advice and recommendations to people with addiction, but it is up to each individual to decide what options best suit their unique circumstances.

What to Expect in Recovery

Recovery is an ongoing process during which you will learn to cope with cravings and urges to relapse. There is no single recovery program that will work for everybody. Each person who suffers from addiction will respond differently to various recovery programs. The key to successful recovery is finding out which methods work best for you.

The best rehab centers understand the need to tailor recovery programs for each individual. Rehab is all about giving clients the tools and skills they will need to help them stave off relapse urges. The ways in which this is achieved can differ. Some people can derive great benefit from undertaking charitable work. Others may benefit from using a series of exercises to improve mental and physical health. Most people will engage in several different activities to help them recover.

Self-Help During Recovery

Reducing stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are key elements in helping people stay sober. Since every individual has different ways of coping with things, the methods they use to do this will vary. Some people will benefit from the strenuous physical activity, while others will benefit by getting involved in creative activities.2 Yet others may use a combination of these two activities.

The important point to remember is that the recovery process will be unique to each person. If you have an addiction problem, your best option is to join a rehab program that will help you to devise your own personalized recovery plan.

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What to Expect in Recovery
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